For Great Galveston Activities April 2017

Great Galveston Activities April 2017 will be including two spectacular Family Friendly Events. The first is annual and features animals and nature. You may know it as Featherfest 2017. The second is the Galveston Family Beach Challenge.

Great Galveston Activities April 2017 Include:

Featherfest 2017 – is the 15th Annual event extraordinaire. If you like nature and the outdoors you and your family will absolutely adore each event and opportunity to enjoy and see nature at its finest. Migratory Birds and Photography are both featured during the 4 days of April 6-9, 2017 which encompasses Featherfest 2017. There are many different activities for both migratory birding, and photography. If you or your family like either one or both then this week-end is terrific for you. Your don’t need to know much about migratory birds or photography to enjoy either type of event. If seeing birds and beautiful semi-tropical nature sounds appealing, then these opportunities are a possible fit for your family. Many of the events get sold out so make your plans right now. Take it from me . . . if you can see and enjoy natural surroundings, then you will have fun at this years Great Galveston Activities April 2017.

Galveston Family Beach Challenge – is being held at East Beach on Galveston Island. It is a multi week-end event and you can participate at one orGalveston Activities April 2017 Beach Photo all of the opportunities. April 23, 2017 is the next Galveston Family Beach Challenge in Galveston. Like the beach? Like to play games? Like to compete? If you answered Yes to any of the questions all you need is a family and you can enter. Competition events will include but are not limited to the following; Beach Golf where 2 families play 3 holes together. Tug of War where 2 families play 3 rounds. Volleyball where 2 families play one set to 15 points. Sack Race where 4 families have 1 race. Jenga where 2 families play 1 game. Dominoes where 2 families play 1 game. Memory Card where 2 families play 1 game. Sand Castle Contest where 4 families build 1 sand castle each. Play all the games or only one. You decide! Which ever family wins the most gets a $500 Gift Card.

Galveston Activities April 2017 are family friendly and quite unique from what is available normally on Galveston Island. Cool Tours operates from 25th Street and Seawall Blvd. just East of Pleasure Pier. It is an award winning experience and lots of fun to boot! Come along for a ride and see the sights.