Happy New Year Galveston – January 2017

It’s once again time for another New Year. The 2017 New Year is upon us and we are all asking 2017 new year fireworksourselves, Where did 2016 go? Each year seems to pass so quickly as we get older. Ever wonder why? It’s actually quite simple. As we age each year that passes becomes a smaller percentage of our total life on planet Earth. Here is an example. If you are five years old, 2016 represents 20% of your total life so far! If you are forty-seven years old, then 2016 represents 2.12% of your total life so far. There we go, Math to the rescue! My, how time flys! 2017 is another New Year.

New Year – January 2017 Galveston Island Events;

Galveston Restaurant Week¬†begins on Saturday January 7th and runs through Sunday January 22nd. I know what you are thinking! Why do they call it Galveston Restaurant Week when it lasts two full weeks? The answer is I don’t know, but here is my guess. It started as a one week event, and because of it’s popularity it was extended to two full weeks and three full weekends. What do you think? Reservations are recommended during this event. Most of our finer restaurants will be featuring special menus during Restaurant Week and at reduced prices. Galveston is home to some of the finest Seafood restaurants anywhere on the Gulf Coast.

The Oak Ridge Boys are coming to town and they will be singing at The Grand. They will be performing on Saturday January 21st and Sunday January 22nd. Call the Grand for tickets and times.

Wiesenthal is the true story of a simple man who achieved extraordinary things. Simon Wiesenthal was captured by the Nazi Germans during World War II. He spent time in several concentration camps. He survived that experience and then dedicated the rest of his life to capturing and prosecuting over 1,100 Nazi War Criminals. This event is on Saturday January 14th, also at the 1894 Grand Opera House.

Well the 2017 New Year is off to a great start in Galveston. Hope you can visit our delightful Island and enjoy some of our special events.