November 2016 Galveston Activities Extraordinaire

November 2016 Galveston Activities are unique as well as diversified. If you like motorcycles, especially Harley Davidson’s, you will want to consider The Lone Star Rally as a event to attend. The following weekend Moody Gardens kicks off an eight week Winter Wonderland Event called “Ice Land” that your children and grand children will go crazy over.

November 2016 Galveston Activities;

The Lone Star Rally¬†is an annual Galveston Event. It is clearly unique in it’s nature and designed as an Adults Event. Children should be left at home for this one. The noise alone will frighten and/or disorient them. Harley Davidson motorcycles by the tens of thousands will be everywhere. I mean Everywhere! Between 300,000 and 500,000 folks are expected to attend this years 4 day Rally. November 3-6, Thursday-Sunday are the dates for The Lone Star Rally 2016. If you have never seen several hundred thousand motorcycles in one location then this is your opportunity. Music, Beer, Harley’s, and all that comes with a Motorcycle Rally will be on display. If you don’t like crowds, Stay Away. Galveston Island will be crowed to be sure. For those who attend, they are sure to have a blast! That’s what The Lone Star Rally is all about . . . . . having a blast!

Ice Land 2016¬†hosted by Moody Gardens is back bigger than ever. It begins Saturday November 12th and runs through the entire Holiday Season. It concludes on January 8, 2017. As one of the featured November 2016 Galveston Activities, it is designed as a totally family friendly event. Bring the kids! They will go crazy for this experience. A 28,000 sq. ft. insulated tent structure will be erected. Inside of that structure the air temperature will be lowered to and maintained November-2016-Galveston-Activities-ice-sculptureat 9 degrees. It will be chilly so come prepared with your winter jackets. You won’t want to have to leave early because you get cold. Ice sculptures of gigantic proportions will be on display. Eight scenes of sculptures in all with lot’s of things to do and lots of things to see. You will want to stay all day.

November 2016 Galveston Activities are plentiful. We listed two here, however, much more is available. The Holiday Season is right around the corner so get ready and begin making your plans. Cool Tours is pleased to keep you aware of the activities available, and we hope you take a tour with us on your next visit. All the best!