December 2016 Galveston Fun Events

December 2016 finds Galveston with an array of fun things to do. Residents and visitors alike can enjoy what this year has to offer. As you are all clearly aware, Galveston is a semi tropical locale that is full of … Continue reading

November 2016 Galveston Activities Extraordinaire

November 2016 Galveston Activities are unique as well as diversified. If you like motorcycles, especially Harley Davidson’s, you will want to consider The Lone Star Rally as a event to attend. The following weekend Moody Gardens kicks off an eight … Continue reading

October 2016 Galveston Island Activities

October 2016 Galveston Island Activities has something for everyone’s taste this year. All of these exciting attractions are family friendly and will be memory builders. The weather is always great in October so everyone will be comfortable and want to … Continue reading

Three September 2016 Favorites are Back

Three September 2016 favorites are back. These events are completely independent of each other. They are totally different in their nature. They are family friendly. They are widely attended and have a great appreciation for Galveston and its many visitors. … Continue reading

Get Me is a New Galveston Service

Get Me is a new Galveston Service. It will bring you things or take you places. The Get Me service is available for groups or individuals. Cool Tours is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Get Me. We … Continue reading